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Robert J Webber's webpage

Hello! I am currently a postdoctoral scholar in Caltech's Department of Computing & Mathematical Sciences, hosted by Joel Tropp. In July 2024, I will join UCSD's Department of Mathematics as an assistant professor.

I am interested in randomized numerical methods and their applications to data science and scientific computing. Specifically, my work focuses on:

  • Randomized algorithms. I develop and analyze large-scale iterative methods that leverage randomness to overcome the limitations of traditional algorithms.
  • Interdisciplinary applications. I apply randomized algorithms to tackle problems in chemistry, astronomy, and geophysics through collaborations with domain experts.

In the press: my work on rare event sampling algorithms has been featured in the California Business Journal,, and SIAM News.

To find out more about my research, take a look at my projects, papers, curriculum vitae or Google scholar. You can find videos of chickens and lizards on my random page. My email is rwebber at